Jamboree 2017 in Denmark!  

40.000 Scouts will be meeting in Denmark to make Europe’s largest Jamboree of 2017! The five Danish Scout Associations will come together along with 6.000 international participants in southern Denmark to make Jamboree Denmark 2017.

The Jamboree will take place in Sønderborg in southern Denmark on the island of Als in a particularly beautiful part of Denmark. The Jamboree site is located right on the edge of the town and is on one side bordered by the sea giving both urban and adventurous possibilities close by. It's also close to the German border and is easy to access from Billund Airport, Hamburg Airport (Germany) or Copenhagen Airport. Arriving by train is also an option, as the site is close to Sønderborg train station.

The camp will run from 22nd to 30th July and could easily be combined with visits to other locations across Europe. This is a fantastic opportunity to give your Scouts an international experience of scouting and make an exciting trip to Northern Europe.

A Danish Jamboree is all about life together at the camp. Groups will cook their own food over open fire and the focus is on interacting and living with the thousands of Scouts around you.

The theme of the Jamboree is “We leave impressions”. The aim is to leave lasting impressions on those around us at the Jamboree and to help make Scouting more visible and relevant to today’s society. This theme will influence all the activities at the Jamboree. The activities will consist of three “Travel” days with activities on- and off site. Another day will be a sub camp activity day. This leaves another three days for free activities. Here there will be many opportunities to participate in walk-in activities, go on hikes to the beaches and forests or maybe spend a night out under the stars. The area surrounding the camp is rich in nature, history and culture with many options to explore.         

Scouting in Denmark is for both boys and girls and has high standards of safety. The organizers will be ready to assist any group with all their arrangements, give practical advice and there will be a great focus on making sure that whatever your language is, you will be able to participate fully in the Jamboree.

The Jamboree organizers will be ready to assist interested Scouts and Guides from around the world with travel and visa questions, practical information and assistance with planning the trip, not only to the Jamboree, but also pre- and post-Jamboree travel in Denmark.

The Jamboree has options for Scouts and Guides of all ages. Families can camp together in a family camp area, there will be activities that Scouts and Guides of all ages can participate in and for adults there will be a chance to take part in educational activities to learn new skills. The Jamboree will also be recruiting International adults to be part of the Staff of the Jambore.  


Quick Facts about Jamboree Denmark 2017:

When: 22nd – 30th July 2017. (First meal is 22nd in the evening, last meal is 30th at lunch)

Fee: 290€ per person. Same fee for everyone.

Whom: Primary age group 10 to 17 years, but open to all ages. Options for Ventures and younger Scouts, families and staff. You can come as your own scout unit or as a mix of units.

Included: All activities, transport to and from the Jamboree site from designated entry/exit points and all food.

Temperatures: Average day time temperatures of around 21C/70F in July.

Wildlife: Nothing dangerous.

Questions: The dedicated international team will answer any questions you might have at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information: www.spejderneslejr.dk og www.facebook.com/jamboree2017

Newsletter signup: http://sl2017.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ff41604c0441f9e27f87a47e2&id=51854b79f9

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